Troy Walker - Founder of Walker’s Holdings and Inventor of the Perforating Gun Loading Facility (GLF)

troy.jpgTroy Walker founded Walker’s Holdings in 1997.  Mr. Walker is the inventor of the Gun Loading Facility (GLF) that has now become the legal requirement for perforating gun loading in North America and is used by responsible perforating companies around the world.
He has been a pioneer in the explosives storage industry by working with explosive regulatory divisions of governments and industry to help create new and increased safety standards.  
Mr. Walker has been building and supplying the highest quality Explosives Storage Magazines and Gun Loading Facilities for the oil and gas, forestry, mining and other industries around the world.
Past customers include Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Weatherford, Tucker Wireline, Prime Perforating, Pure Energy, Owen Gris Gun, Dyno Nobel and others.